For justice and freedom we enter the fight, you're guarded by law, but we have the might.
Protest and revolting at day and at night, we'll never surrender so we just start to fight!

Julian W. - The protest song


Even though the right for privacy is a human right, we are under surveillance every day by governmental or private actors. This association was founded to protect these rights in the digital and everyday life. In times where the Internet and digital media are important tools in daily life it is important to know about the dangers and chances that come with these new technologies. Technology makes the world a smaller one, but it also brings the dangers to our front door.

What can we do?

To reach our goals we use different methods:

  • We provide a public Email Hosting Service.
    Emails are very common in the Internet and are often seen as 100% secure and private, which they are certainly not. By providing this Email Service we want to give users a chance to have an Email Account beside commercial products. But keep in mind that you are only really secure using End-to-End encryption like PGP!
  • We also run some TOR Nodes
    TOR is a software that helps journalists and human-right activists all around the globe to communicate in a secure way. To archiv this they need volunteer run servers, called TOR Nodes to relay the data and thus to hide the origin of the packets.
  • Offline we organize workshops and information booth to elucidate the broad public.

Cyber Perikarp?

Cyber - Cyber is everything with technology. But it is more of a joke as mostly politicans are using this term.
Perikarp - German for "pericarp": The outer layer of fruits
The name is made up from a combination of those words: The private data is the pit, protected by the pericarp.